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what he just say. >> sean: that's all the time we have left. great is next. we will be back here tomorrow night as always thank you for being wi the battle never stops. see you tomorrow night. >> greta: tonight, get this, karl rove is a rhody? sort of. he has on the road for his book tour. toe he's back in town uncut and on the record. nice see. >> great to be here. >> greta: you have been on a road trip with your book? >> halfway point. >> greta: it is exhausting isn't it? >> 120s in 90 days. >> greta: let's talk about the campaigns. right now there's an article in politico about how democrats intend to use this getting tough on wall street against the republicans in the midterm elects. this article actually says the democrats may be haunted by in
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they have craig former white house counsel. dick gephardt used to work for goldman sachs. the republicans all do it. but they are up front about it. >> right. this is not a winner for them. they are trying to change the subject after obama care. rather than focusing back on jobs they are trying to channel the voter angst about wall street and focus it against the republicans. they then layout a bill that includes a 50 billion dollar bailout package which they simultaneously said it is not a bailout package besides that it is funded by the banks themselves. the american people get this, treating the boys on wall street in a different way than you treat main street at the end of the day i don't think is a giant winner for them. >> greta: the republicans think that it is being used tactically against them. i don't think the goldman sachs thing is. they would have gone after them criminally and used the
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justice department this is a civil action. i don't know if they thought it was a good political issue or not. the jobs thing is on the american radar. are they not focusing on jobs? >> no a poll recently asked do you think the stimulus pill has -- bill has created jobs? 6% think it has. if you go back to january 9th, 2009, christine roamer the chairman economic advisers for incoming president released a diagnosticment, here's the under pinnings for the stimulus package. in there i think it is page 5, she says if we pass the stimulus bill unemployment will top out at 7% in the second or 3rd quarter and decline after. if we don't do anything unemployment will go to 10% and remain consistently high. we've got the economy exactly where they said it would be if we did nothing and we went out
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and spent 787 billion dollars. in an inappropriate and ineffective way. the american people get that the starting to get its sea legs and people are starting to feel better. nobody credits the act of the administration should they. as a result democrats have got a . >> greta: is that why -- do you think we need financial regulatory reform? >> we do need regulatory reform. they going overboard. democrats have a one size fits all mental let's take derivatives. a lot of main street companies use derivatives as an insurance policy to hedge against risks. if you are southwest airlines you use derivatives to hedge against wild swings and the cost of jet fuel a manufacturing company, you use derivatives to make yourself competitive by against big you jumps in commodity prices.
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they are not differentiating between main street and the wall street speculators who put together these complex instruments as complicated gambles or bets on movements in the financial markets. if you go too far you are going to make american companies less competitive. hurting jobs. causing less economic growth. and driving in essence these complex financial derivatives over to the financial markets in london and paris and hong kong and frankfurt because they won't have the same rules and regulations. i've got a column tomorrow in the "wall street journal" on this topic. president obama had better hope the republicans work hard enough to get this bill right so when they pass it, it does not do damage to the american the economy the fall of 2010 elections is sort of baked in the cake. little can be didn't to change that but the economy in 2012, you get financial regulation wrong and president obama has a more lackluster economy when
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he himself is on the ballot in 20 -- 2012. >> greta: senator lincoln has passed a bill, one republican signing on senator grassesly puts the spotlight transparency on derivatives. i take it you that i is a good idea? >> details matter. you don't want to make this -- part of what is happening in that bill it is going to make it more expensive for the boeings and the southwest airlines to do these kinds of things. if you've got an agricultural commodity derivative it is a white bread kind of thing. a piece of paper you know what it is. same with currency futures which are created through the same kinds of exchanges regulated by the trading commission. derivatives that main street companies use to hedge risk as an insurance policy like southwest airlines or alcoa or
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boeing or lots of manufacturing companies, there are -- they are more complex. they can't be done in exactly the same way. you got to be careful. i'm in favor of putting as many these as possible through clearinghouses and exchanges. i'm worried saying to boeing or a smaller manufacturing company we are going to make it impossible for to you do this by making it very expensive and making you run through bureaucratic hoops to do it. >> greta: one of the questions is the whole idea of consumer protection agency. president wanted to create something outside of the federal reserve. senator dodd wants it inside. there's some sort of a dispute. why do we need anything when we have the sec, ftc and justice department? do we need it outside can't we expand within the sec or the ftc their authority -- >> i've been trying to pay
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attention. i'm not convinced there's crying need for another government burr rock. >> you are right. are there problems with existing things that oversee banks, and credit cards if you have problems within the existing agencies let's not create a new bureaucracy. this is stuffed with a lot that are going to be apparent over time problems for democrats. you may not know about this. it creates a new office and gives it a half a billion dollars a year and a huge start-up for computer systems in order to monitor every financial transaction in the united states. to use that data to arrive at policy recommendations about sensible regulation. they are going to have the capacity to go through everybody's brokerage account and checking account and everybody's credit card and financial transactions and sweep that information and then analyze it. i remember when people really upset when we were taking a
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look in the bush administration at sweeping the electronic communications of suspected terrorists an pwro broad -- abroad. now we are going to give half a billion dollars a year to peer into our brokerage accounts, ira's and banking accounts and all of our financial accounts and sweep that information to do with it whatever they want to arrive at sensible policy recommendation. doesn't sound like a smart thing in this environment in this climate. >> greta: we'll see how popular it is. florida, governor crist is having a horrible battle for the senate nomination, republican party with marco rubio. there have been rumors, i don't know if he said this there have been rumors he gil independent, possible? >> oh yeah. a month ago i would have said no the last couple of days he's clearly signaled he's giving serious consideration about it. the rumor today the speech is expected and already being
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drafted. governor crist has given every indication he's likely to leave the republican party and run as an in . i'm sorry to see it happen. he agreed to abide by the rules. he decided since he went from being the prohibitive front-runner to being the prohibitive lagger, i think it speaks character. >> greta: what does he get out of it does he have a real chance as an independent? >> he thinks he does. i don't think he will get many republican or democrat votes. he could get enough to swing into the democrat by splitting the republicans. i think it is a -- i think he's likely to end up embarrassing himself. >> greta: if he takes the skids on this, never not a word to use in politics is his career over? >> absolutely. if he were to say look i'm losing to rubio but i'm going to soldier on and join with the nominee and say on to
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victory in november co-rehabilitate himself. if he said i'm so far behind i'm out of here congratulations mr. rubio you are the nominee. a lot of people would say that was really good for charlie for him to say after i started out the front runner and the -- i strong armed people into backing me and i got -- i know some of the people involved in his campaign good people, loyal staunch republicans for him to do this, if he does will be terribly embarrassing to them personally. and it will be a comment on his lack of character. it is really something to in the middle of the contest like this, go a different direction. but it's his right. and i understand that it is no big dividing issue. it is not like this, this is not like joe lieberman where you have a difference between incumbent and challenger over a big consequence shall issue like iraq. people have looked at rubio
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and crist and ended up saying like i did. i contributed to rubio i liked him i thought he was a bright, young rising lead are. a lot of people said he will be new and inspiring for the republican party. these guys agree on a lot. now we have you one guy saying because i can't win i'm going to do something else. >> greta: more with karl in a second. what he thinks about the tea party movement in two minutes. some actors -- -- [ man ] ladies and gentlemen, the 57th prident of the united states. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ bell rings ] ♪ [ male announcer ] at&t.
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movement do something to take the energy that it's today and use it to build? i spoke to 12,000 tea party members in kansas city a week ago. wherever i go i try and seek them out. >> greta: who are they? >> the one thing -- you a group of libertarians who campaigned for liberty ron paul likes to say let's take over this movement. a group who are the near do wells who couldn't get elected precinct chairman and says i will join this movement. the vast majority are people who love our country and care deepably things they see happening. what is interesting to me is the one thing that draws them together is they heretofore largely been observers and spectatorses, voting in presidential con -- spectators. voting in presidential campaigns not -- so many say this is the first time i've
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been to a rally or this group has a large number of people decentralized loosely organized and affiliated groups. i don't think they become an adjunct to the republican party. they don't endorse republican primaries they leave it up to their members to come to their own conclusions. they are more successful if you they say we are going to hold the feet to the fire in both parties about spending, deficits and debt and the expansion of government power. the third thing is, i wrote a column about this in the "wall street journal". i think they need some mechanism to take the energy they've got and expand it. my suggestion was why don't you think about a five-part citizens' pledge. object of every tea party ask people to sign a pledge to become a citizen by growing to do five things: educate themselves on the issues they care about. it is their personal responsibility to read and
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stud and become as informed as they can. second, ask the who are asking for their vote where they are on these issues. don't rely on somebody else. don't rely on greta or karl to tell you. show up and ask the candidates where are you on these issues? third, let nothing keep them from registering and voting. this year one out of every two who is eligible to register and vote, won't. two other things they agree to fill in the blanks, 25 is the number i would suggest, 25 others to join with them in signing this pledge. think about what would happen if you had millions asking them to do that. finally, it is their responsibility to follow up on those 25 to make sure they register and turn out to >> greta: there really isn't a leader. some thought governor palin was sort of a leader. the internet has made it so that a movement can exist without a leader. >> yeah. something else largely
1:17 am
internet but also cable tv and talk radio. if you go back a year ago and take a look at public polls people by 2-1 margin said we in favor of the concept of health care reform. if you take a look at the weeks leading into the vote and look at the poll questions that said are you in favor of the bill now supported by the president and democrats in congress? 38 in favor, 60 oppose. only 2% of the american people don't have an opinion. opposition went from 2-1 in favor to nearly 2-1 against. strongly opposed outnumber the strongly in favors by 2-1 all on the basis of self-education. the president gave 58 speak speeches in 51 weeks in favor of health care reform. mainstream media was not asking tough questions. americans educated themselves and spun up and wired up now they are in opposition. since the bill passed the only piece of major legislation that got less popular in the
1:18 am
months after it was adopted than popular. >> greta: democrats haven't got a bounce. >> no. why? because the american people went out and educated themselves about it. if you were opposed you were firm on why. i've taken a habit when i speak and people ask about the tea party movement i was in oregon, and i asked people, how many of you tried to runoff a copy of the bill? i was surprised -- everywhere i go i'm surprised by how many people downloaded the bill. >> greta: 70,000 trees. >> i said all these trees were needlessly wasted. i said wait a minute i'm in oregon you want people to use paper, done you, they laughed. >> greta: thank you. enjoy the book tour. next, are politicians pulling a fast one on you?
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a big fat political stunt? griff jenkins has that report. if you think the president is taking heat from the tea party he has another huge problem. a congressman from his own party is now hammering him. why? [ male announcer ] when you buy a car, what are you really buying? a shiny coat of paint? a list of features? what about the strength of the steel? the integrity of its design... or how it responds... in extreme situations? the deeper you look, the more you see the real differences. and the more you understand what it means to own a mercedes-benz. the c-class. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial. ♪
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>> greta: the politicians here in washington slicking all of us? pulling a big political stunt to look like they are doing something? we report you decide. most agree leading up to the economic crisis the government dropped the ball and did not protect you or our economy. one of the ideas to prevent another meltdown pushed by many democrats to create a consumer protection agency. do we have the existing structure to fix the problem? griff jenkins talked to one
1:23 am
member of the administration, john lebowitz the chair of the federal trade commission. >> reporter: the ftc is america's watchdog for consumer protection. you write in your annual report the end of the week this past year has provided unprecedented challenges to americans and to the agency. what powers, as we, congress and the president figures out how to protect us in the future, what powers don't you have? what do you need to continue to be america's watchdog? >> that's a great question. obviously, with the economic down turn we've had real challenges. scam artists go where the money is a lot of the money has been in things called foreclosure rescue scams. companies will say give me $5,000 and i'll prevent the foreclosure on your home. they take the money and don't do anything. we've brought dozens of cases there. from our perspective, certainly from my perspective,
1:24 am
one thing we would like to see is civil penalty authority so we can find malfactors right now all we can do is take their profits which is good maybe get restitution for consumers. if we had a bigger stick that would be helpful. >> reporter: do you support the president's proposal to create a gnaw genesse? >> we are a bipartisan agency, three democrats, two republicans, supports the elevation. i'm supportive of this agency. we have no jurisdiction over banks and bank-related financial instruments if you look at where some of the failures were and there were many. there's enough blame to go around. clearly some of them were in consumer protection of bank-related financial instruments. i like the notion of consolidateing the bank
1:25 am
regulators into one entity. >> reporter: why not take the sec, ftc, fed, treasury, give you guys the powers you need rather than create more bureaucracy? as we've seen in the polls the american people are worried about the growth of government. >> there are did different ways to achieving a shared goal for everybody. from my perspective, you know, we are a tiny agency. when we cover the entire economy he could everything from running the do-not-call list which has given some peace and quiet to the american dinner hour. to going after anti-competitive mergers. so, we don't have -- we would -- we will do anything congress tells us to do, of course. we are an independent agency and creature of congress. i think if you take the people who have the expertise in bank examination and safety and soundness, then add in that area, a couldn't of consumer protection watchdog that might
1:26 am
be the best way to go. >> reporter: can you fire employees that are say if they are supposed to be looking oversight of some financial product, marketing of a financial product in a certain division or manager isn't doing his or her job, can you fire them? >> we are fortunate enough not to have had that problem. we spend a lot of time looking at advertising in the nonbank financial area. but i believe we have the authority if we needed to, to put people in who are going to do the job. that's what we are here for. >> greta: as if the president doesn't have enough problems with the republicans. now a democratic congressman fed up with with the president is here and next. plus, arizona senator jon kyl says we face an epidemic. what is the epidemic? senator kyl, minutes away.
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>> greta: president obama is getting flit all directions, including from his left. 14 months into his administration the president not tackled the controversial topic of immigration. congressman gutierrez a democrat now hammering the president. he wants the president to take action he joins us live is that a fair description, hammering the president? you are putting the squeeze on him. >> i want him to keep his promise. during the campaign he made a concerted effort to reach out to latino and immigrant voters carrying new mexico, colorado and florida and many would sagar ran teague his presidency. eight million latinos voting in 2004, 10 million voting in 2008 went for 60% for the democrats to 70%. i think people have a good reason. they came out, they responded. when you consider for one moment that he got hammered by
1:31 am
senator clinton in every primary among latino voters yet they came out for him in the general election -- >> greta: you said immigrants you are talking about citizen immigrants people who came to the united states and now citizens voting for him. there's the classification of illegal immigrants. what is it that you want the president to do? >> to bring his promise to comprehensive immigration reform. he like president bush said he wanted to bring them out of the shadows into the light of day and legalize their status. >> greta: everyone has tried different solutions. what do you want done? >> first of all, we need some kind of way to guarantee that everybody who works in the united states is verified and authorized to work in the united states. part of comprehensive immigration reform. secondly, we want to make sure -- you know how every time it is tax time april 15th, they
1:32 am
indict people to make sure we pay our income tax. >> greta: i'll hand it to you. they indict people? >> yeah. let's make sure those stories every year against employers that hire people that aren't authorized to work in the united states. firm laws against employers. at the same time have biometric information. my grandfather was the first to get a social security card then my dad, me, my daughter now grandson. let's get new technology that's part of it. another part, why are we waiting 10, 15, 20 years so you can bring your brother, mom or your wife to the united states when you are legally here? let's take care of the backlog. let's take of the 12 mill -- million undocumented workers. >> greta: give them a pass? >> no. there's going to be a fine thank you are going to pay. put you into a program probably last seven, eight years, you pay taxes, take
1:33 am
english classes, at the end you graduate from the program and apply for permanent residence in the meantime you have paid your taxes, you have learned english. you have shown a commitment to play by all the rules. some call that amnesty we call it earned legalization. >> greta: that's the 12 million who are here. what about the people who are going to sneak in after today? >> that's why you need the other part in 1986 we passed the immigration control act. three million gotham necessity. there's no amnesty here because we are making you pay. >> greta: what about the people sneaking in now? >> i'm going to try to put it to new the simplest way i can explain it to you and the american people. people come here without documentation because they know they can get a job. if there is a lot less certainty in you getting that job because there is some kind
1:34 am
of verification system that says -- like when you swipe our credit card or your atm it knows it is you. >> greta: can we close the borders in your mind? that's what a lot of people are upset about everyday there are more people coming in. >> there are came thousand miles. we have the longest border, right, longest stretch of border between a third world country and a first world country. i'm not saying we can't -- we put all of these things on the boarder. if we need workers and we will need workers, right? we create low skill, low wage jobs every year, hundreds of thousands, but we don't have american workers to supply and demand. >> greta: have you spoken to president to say we are 14 months in and you haven't done anything? >> yes. >> greta: and he says what? >> it is going to be next on his agenda.
1:35 am
today a skwrpbt press release issued by -- a joint press release issued by pelosi and the majority leader saying we will advance comprehensive immigration reform legislation in this congress 2010 and advance it ahead of energy policy. and we want to get it done this year that's a very significant sign. >> greta: are you saying it is next? what about jobs? >> i'm not saying it is next. today there was a joint press release of the leaders of the house and senate. interestingly enough, i think we've seen the first lady in a wonderful interview she gave while she was in mexico talking about the need, and we've seen the president reach out to republican senators in an attempt to build a coalition for comprehensive immigration reform. >> greta: i hope you come back. thank you sir. next, republican senator jon kyl says we are facing an epidemic and crisis. what is he talking about? he's next. plus, did you hear what some
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>> from america's news headquarters, i'm ainsley earhardt. pope benedict xvi now publicly announcing the catholic church will take strong action against those who abuse children. he said he told victims the
1:40 am
church will investigate all accusations of abuse, amid new questions of whether or not he acted strongly enough over abusive priests before bye-bying head of the church. >> the pittsburgh steelers, ben roethlisberger, banished six games without pay. the league deciding that he violate the the nfl personal conduct policy. he is the first player who has been suspended not being arrested. a college student accused him of sexually assaulting her in a georgia nightclub back in march. we go back to "on the record with greta van susteren." for more headlines, go to -- >> greta: arizona senators john mccain and jon kyl want the president to send 3,000 national guard troops to the arizona mexico border immediately. senator kyl went on the record. nice to see you. >> thank you. >> greta: no secret there's a war going on in mexico and
1:41 am
people are -- americans being shot at and some murdered. what is arizona doing about this you are on the edge? >> some of that violence has spill add across the border into arizona communities. a rancher was killed recently on his ranch. assumed to be the result of a killing by drug cartels. it is not just illegal immigrants coming across the border. it is drug cartels in charge of anything they could make money off, people, cocaine, marijuana. as a result, our border patrol, our local and state law enforcement folks have their hands full on the border. it is one of the reasons that senator mccain and i have asked for additional help by getting national guard troops back. >> greta: you asked for 3,000 national guard troops. have you gotten a response from the white house? >> no response yet. >> greta: do you expect one by now? >> no, but i expect one soon. i think secretary napolitano
1:42 am
will get a response us to in the next few days. >> greta: how serious is it? we see the rancher getting murdered our heart goes out, is it is epidemic level or are we taking isolated incidents -- >> no, it is epidemic. one of the sheriffs was back here this week and told about all of the things that he has to deal with. in just a very short period of time they had one week, 64 chases of automobiles where they try to stop the automobile to give them a traffic ticket and the people flee. they know if they go fast enough and they are dangerous enough in their driving that the protocol for the police is to pull back and not chase them any more pause they are probably going to kill somebody and they have done that in arizona cities. when you get that many situations like that in a short period of time you can see the local law enforcement really can't deal with all of that once it gets into the
1:43 am
middle of the state. we need to try to stop it at the border if we can. >> greta: can we seal our border to prevent mexico from exporting their violence? i realize violence and drug war exported to the united states and illegal immigration. is it possible to seal the border? >> we can do more than we have done. arizona has two border patrol sectors yuma and tucson. yuma sector has shutdown all illegal immigration. some drugs now the way they are getting drugs across is through ultra lights these tight airplanes. other than that, that sector shutdown. tucson sector, a war zone.7ñyd they need to apply the lessons sector. it takes some additional resources some difference in the operations. i'm convinced if we do certain things we can stop the violence many we can secure the borders and enforce the law. >> greta: how far it is bleeding into arizona?
1:44 am
going deep in and we can expect keep going or just around the border not that that makes it better. >> good the object to get to the interstate freeways to phoenix where next warehouse the people until they can send them east or west, same for drugs. the object to get to central part of the state where phoenix is, get into the commerce stream either over to l.a. or the points east of us, usually through the interstate highway system. >> greta: the governor has a bill on her desk to sign or not sign by saturday in which goes far in terms of the state of arizona requiring police officers to stop someone who might be illegal immigrant and ask for identification what is your position? >> you can see why after years of inadequate enforcement by the federal government that states are difficult event to do this. because the people demand act. the political representatives of the people decide finally
1:45 am
to do something this is how the arizona representatives and senators and potentially the governor have reacted to it. i didn't know that i would write the same law, but i understand what is behind it. my own view is, until the federal government does our part back here, by providing the resources that are necessary, and that could include by the way the financial resources to support national guard troops on the border, you are going to see more of this. it won't just be arizona that passes laws like this. >> greta: does arizona have a different situation than texas and california or is it the same situation and how are your colleagues in the u.s. senate addressing their problems? >> similar and different. originally more of the illegal immigration was through california. they have built triple fencing in california and have focused law enforcement effort there to such an extent you don't have nearly as much illegal immigration and west of san diego. true partially for areas of texas as well.
1:46 am
there's also activity there that helped to shut it down. a lot of it started coming '93, '94 through arizona over half of the illegal immigration is coming through in that one narrow corridor, tucson sector. there's an operation to put people in jail who cross the border illegally. there's been put into effect in the del rio, texas area and yuma sector. because of this operation streamline you cross the border, we catch you, you go to jail. 14 days the first time, maybe thirty days the second time. when you know that -- 17% of the people have criminal records they don't want to cross there. the ones who come across to work can't make money if they are in jail so they stay way from those sectors. if we can expand operation extreme -- streamline to other parts of border we can shutdown the illegal immigration.
1:47 am
not the same as shutting down the drug smuggling in some ways a more difficult proposition. >> greta: is mexico making inroads? are they making any progress or is this getting worse? >> the president of mexico has tried very hard if get a handle on this we have operations that support them an operation that provides helicopters and other support at different places along the border there's good cooperation. but there's also a lot of corruption. the fact is the drug cartels have gotten so integrated into mexican society that they can frankly, put a lot of life or death pressure on people, pretty difficult to resist. as a result there's still a lot of mexican cooperation in these drug operations as well. >> greta: one word to describe it is it fair word, crisis or not? >> it is a crisis. and unless the federal government steps up to do things that we know work, that aren't that expensive in the
1:48 am
overall scheme, we are going to see more and more reaction of the people who are fed up with it. >> greta: senator, thank you. >> thank you greta. >> greta: next, best of the rest. an actor gets fired he did something to the tea parties. >> news about a corn they will >> news about a corn they will not consider this good news,,,,, [ male announcer ] we call it the american renewal. because ge capital understands what businesses need to grow. that's why today ge capital provides critical financing to more than 300,000 growing companies. ♪ i'm ed whitacre, from general motors. a lot of americans didn't agree with giving gm a second chance. quite frankly, i can respect that.
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we want to make this a company all americans can be proud of again. that's why i'm here to announce we have repaid our government loan, in full, with interest, five years ahead of the original schedule. but there's still more to do. our is to exceed every expectation you've set for us. we're putting people back to rk, designing, building, and selling the best cars and trucks in the world. ith our 100,000-mile, 5-year powertrain warranty to guarantee the quality. and the unmatch life-saving techlogy of onstar to lp keep you safe. from new energy solutions. to the designs of tomorrow. we invite you to take a look at the new gm.
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>> greta: you've seen our top stories. here is the best of the rest. man who works for geico insurance just got fired for insulting the s not not that green gecko the actor who is the voice in the company's well-known commercials. you have probably heard the actor say the phrase 15 minutes can save 15% or more on your car insurance. douglas left this phone message for the conservative group freedom works. >> hi, i'm doing a paper about freedom works i was wondering if somebody could give me a call back i'm wrapping up and i have one more piece of information i need from you guys. just need to know what the percentages of people that mentally retarded who work for the organization and are members of it? if you can give me a call back that would be great.
1:53 am
just need to know the percentage of people that are mentally retarded working for freedom works and following it. also wondering what your plans are how to spin it when one of your members does actually kill somebody? wondering how you have an actual pr spinning routine planned for that? or are you going to take it when it happens, just curious. give me a call when you get a chance. thanks so much. >> greta: douglas says he was angry about what he calls racist and anti-gay remarks made by tea party members. now douglas has been fired. should douglas had been fired? we just posted a poll right now. go to the poll is up. gentlemen, look out! 12-year-old florida girl could be the future of baseball. last june in her little league game baker threw a perfect game.
1:54 am
chelsea just did it again. april 9th, she struck out 16 of 18 batters for the second perfect game of her career. chelsea threw a fast ball, curve ball and knuckle ball. she hopes to play in high school and college if she can keep up with the boys. we wonder with her record will the guys be able to keep up with her? >> acorn's ceo says, we are on life support. congress cut off acorn's funding after a scandal around controversial undercover videos allegedly showing acorn workers giving advice to a man posing as a pimp and a woman pretending to be a prostitute. later a new york judge ruled it was unconstitutional to cut off acorn's funding. hours ago it was the government's time to win. federal appeals court temporarily blocked the new york judge's ruling so the block on public funding stands. the group's private funding has dropped from 20 million
1:55 am
dollars a year to four million dollars a year. we'll see if acorn survives. ahead taiwan's susan boyle comes to america and does a duet with someone you know well. we have it
1:56 am
1:57 am
1:58 am
>> greta: 11:00 is almost here. flash studio lights. it's time. last call. and the man who sings suean boyle with a late night duet
1:59 am
with an actor you know well. william shatner. ♪ [ music ] [ singing ]. ♪ [ music ] . >> greta: well that is quite a duo. that is your last call. lights are blinking and we're closing down shop. make sure you follow us on

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